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Privacy statement European Senior Organisation vzw


​1. ​Your right to privacy

European Senior Organisation vzw processes certain personal data when conducting its activities. It is aware of the importance of your privacy and values protecting said privacy. European Senior Organisation vzw will therefore comply with the relevant laws and regulations, under all circumstances, among which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in particular.

This privacy statement intends to inform you in a clear and transparent way about the way our organisations treats your personal data. It explains, for example, how your personal data is processed and which rights you can invoke regarding said processing.

We encourage you to read this privacy statement as carefully as possible.

2. ​Controller for the Processing of Personal Data

European Senior Organisation vzw, Sint-Jansstraat 32-38, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, Company Number 0834.308.084, is the controller for the processing of all your personal data and oversees the confidentiality and security of this data. 
You can contact us through mail to the address mentioned above or through our e-mail address.​

3. ​Whose personal data is being processed?

The personal data being processed originates from a number of different categories of data subjects.
  • Members: These are all persons who act as the representative of their respective member organization. Those organizations are members of European Senior Organisation vzw. 
  • Co-workers: Both internal and external co-workers, volunteers etc.
  • Third Parties: These are all persons not included in one of the categories as mentioned above, but who still come into contact with European Senior Organisation vzw and of whom personal data is processed by consequence (e.g. job applicants).

4. ​Which personal data is being processed?

In function of the services you rely on, European Senior Organisation vzw can process the following personal data:
  • Identification data: name, professional address, professional phone number, professional e-mail address
  • Professional data
  • Depictions: photographs during seminars …
  • Other data: This is data necessary for the accomplishment of our activities or required by law.
All personal data processed by us were delivered to us by one of our partner organizations (i.e. member organizations) or by you. This can occur through direct contact with our services or through or by our digital means, such as the completion of online contact forms etc.

5. ​When and why is your personal data being processed?

Your personal data is being processed for different purposes, which depend on the services you rely on and/or your capacity (member, co-worker, third party).

5.1 ​Legal obligations

When you become a member of European Senior Organisation vzw, some pieces of personal data will be necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations. These are, amongst others, all data necessary for:

5.2 ​Contractual obligations

When you want to rely on the services of European Senior Organisation vzw, some personal data will be required to ensure that these services are rendered efficiently.

To render its services, European Senior Organisation vzw will have to process the following personal data, among others:
  • Name of the representatives of the Member Organisations
  • Professional contact details of the representatives.
If European Senior Organisation vzw does not process this data, it cannot render its services. It is still your choice to whether or not provide your data, but European Senior Organisation vzw cannot be required to render its services based on incomplete data.

5.3 Legitimate interest

European Senior Organisation vzw, as a legal person, has some interests it needs to take care of, not only to facilitate the performance within European Senior Organisation vzw, but also to ensure that its services are provided swiftly, efficiently and agreeably.

As a part of those legitimate interests, European Senior Organisation vzw sends out newsletters. European Senior Organisation vzw wants to provide its members with news, updates and information gathered by European Senior Organi-sation vzw. Therefore, your data can be used to send you said newsletters. This happens by carefully balancing your privacy rights and the legitimate interests of European Senior Organisation vzw.

European Senior Organisation vzw also processes:
  • ​Contact details of third parties attending seminars

6. Transmission to third parties

It is possible that European Senior Organisation vzw transmits your personal data to third parties to comply with the aforementioned purposes. This can be transmitted, amongst others, to:
Third Parties: 
  • Airline operators in case of plane tickets
  • Convention centres in case of seminars
  • Attendance list with contact details distributed amongst all attendees to a seminar.

7. ​Transmissions outside the EU

Your personal data could be transmitted outside the European Union, but only when:
  • You ask to do this in function of the services you rely on
  • You expressly gave your consent to do so.

8. ​Data retention

On average your personal data will be reviewed on an annual basis. If, after review, it turns out that you are no longer the representative of your member organisation or if the information we acquired is no longer up to date or relevant, your data will be deleted.

9. Security

European Senior Organisation vzw ensures the confidentiality of your personal data. All appropriate technical measures are being taken to prevent situations like corruption, loss, destruction, inaccessibility or publication.

In case a data breach does occur, European Senior Organisation vzw will take responsibility to resolve and register this event as soon as possible. In case of a serious breach, we will alert the supervisory authority, as well as the persons whose data are involved if said breach poses a serious threat to these persons. 

10.Internal monitoring of the data processing

European Senior Organisation vzw safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of the processing of your personal data. Your data will only be processed by the authorized co-worker of European Senior Organisation vzw and – if relevant – its partner organizations. They are all bound to confidentiality agreements.
European Senior Organisation vzw enlists the services of the Data Protection Officer employed by vzw Sovervlag. This person monitors all aspects relating to data processing within European Senior Organisation vzw, gives advice relating to the processing of personal data and is the single point of contact for data subjects when exercising their rights.
Data Protection Officer Sovervlag vzw
Sint-Jansstraat 32-38, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

11. Your rights as a data subject

When your personal data is being processed, you enjoy the rights as explained below, granted by the GDPR.

In order to exercise these rights, you will send an electronic or written request to our Data Protection Officer. It is possible that we ask you to provide us with a copy of your Identity Card, in order to confirm your identity in case of doubt. Through that copy, we avoid that someone else exercises your rights. Refusing to provide us with that information can lead to a negative answer to your request.
After receiving your request, you will be notified within 1 month, starting the date of receipt, if we can oblige to your request. If the request is particularly complex, we can extend the time limit to 3 months after receipt. You will be notified of said extension.

Your contact details can be used to keep in touch with you, either to ask you for more clarification regarding your request, or to keep you up to date on the evolution of your request.

If conflicts would arise with the privacy of other data subjects or if the transmission of information would constitute a legal infraction, then an explanation will also be provided within the time limit of 1 month. 

11.1 ​Right to access and information

You can request us at any given time to gain access to your personal data we retain. You have the right to gain knowledge of and get a one-time free copy of: 
  • Which personal data of yours is being processed
  • For which purposes said data is being processed
  • With which (categories of) third parties we share your personal data
  • Where the processed data originates from
  • What the retention time of said data is
  • How and which personal data is being processed automatically.
We are legally obliged to provide you this information in the same format as the one in which you formulated your request. For example, if you ask for this information through a written request (i.e. on paper, through a letter), European Senior Organisation vzw is obliged to deliver that information in the same format, i.e. on paper.

11.2 ​Right to rectification

You have the right to have erroneous or incomplete data corrected or completed. We will ensure that the relevant information is adjusted as soon as possible. 

11.3 ​Right to erasure

If your personal data becomes irrelevant, antiquated or no longer useful for the purposes of the processing, you can request us to erase said personal data.  
In certain circumstances we cannot oblige to your request to erasure. This will occur when your personal data can or even have to be processed lawfully according to the GDPR.
Your data will not erased, for example, when the processing occurs based on legal obligations or for the purposes of archiving in the common interest, scientific or historical research or for statistical analysis, when erasing the data would render these purposes impossible or hinder them severely.

11.4 ​Right to restriction of processing

11.4.1 ​General considerations
When the processing of your personal data is only based on the legitimate interests of European Senior Organisation vzw and if you do not agree tot said processing, you can exercise the right to protest the processing by delivering us your written objection.
When the legitimate interests are imperative, objection is not possible.
11.4.2 ​Automatic processing
There is processing of your personal data that occurs entirely automatically. When decisions that can be individualised are taken or similar consequenses occur, you can object against said processing and request the intervention of a co-worker in said processing.

Your request will be denied if the automatic decisionmaking is based on a legal obligation or your own express consent.

11.5 ​Right to retraction of consent

When the processing of your personal data is only based on your express consent and if there is no other legal ground present, you can retract said consent at any given time. You do not have to motivate your retraction.

Your personal data will no longer be processed for the purposes for which you retract your consent, from the moment of retraction on.

11.6 ​Right to data portability

You have the right to request that a copy of the personal data you provided us with shall be transmitted to another institution or third party in a format that is easily portable. This only holds true for the personal data you provided us and is processed through automatic processes, insofar as this is not incompatible with the law in vigor and insofar as this transmission does not adversely affect the privacy of others.

11.7 ​Refusal

The GDPR provides a number of grounds for refusal for your requests. This means that in a limited number of circumstances, European Senior Organisation vzw will not be obliged to grant your request. You will naturally be kept up to date of a potential refusal through a motivated reply.

12. ​Complaints 

If you have a request or question regarding your personal data and if you are not satisfied with our handling of your request or question, you can submit a complaint through our contact form or by sending an e-mail or letter to our data protection officer. Our Data Protection Officer will handle your complaint and keep you up to date on its evolution and on the actions undertaken.

Does the handling of your complaint not meet your expectations? You always have the right to file an official complaint with the Data Protection Authority. This is the supervisory authority regarding privacy protection. They will investigate your complaint and provide mediation.
Data protection authority 
Drukpersstraat 35
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 274 48 00

13. ​Updates of this privacy statement

The law and our services are subject to frequent change. That is why our privacy statement is never fully finished. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any given time and urge you to regularly read the newest version of the statement.

​This privacy statement was last modified 13 July 2018.

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